Sandy Couldn’t Sweep this Family’s Business Away!




The Patch featured an expose about Tappan Zee Marina owners. It's a short story but ads heart and soul to the meaning of running a family business. I hope you enjoy it. I will ad a proper link tomorrow. If you want to read it now just copy and paste into your browser.

Here's the link:  The Patch Article about Tappan Zee Marina

Spring has finally Sprung

TZM staff preparing slips right now! We have received calls from brand new boaters and have signed some up already! If you need a slip come see TZM!  It is the deepest draft marina in all of Piermont! Are you new to boating?  Come see us for TLC. You will love being in Piermont.

TZM hosts Yacht Club

The yatch club from Rye reserved TZM after their follliage tour! They had dinner at Pier 701 and a wonderful time at the Turning Point.