Info about Channel Markers &Thank YOU TZM Customers

I am writing on behalf of all of us at Tappan Zee Marina. Primarily we want to thank you for docking your boat at Tappan Zee Marina! We honestly appreciate each and every boater and want to say it to all. TZM boaters are the best, as they love their boats and use them not only to go out on the river but also to come to TZM for R and R!  Thank you!

Secondly, I want to update you about the TZB construction. The Tappan Zee Condstructors completed the measurements of the depths of the Piermont Bay area with the intentions of having the Coast Guard install a marked channel. I asked for this since March 2013. It would give peace of mind to boaters so they would have to think about the barges & question " am I far enough away from them?" . I know that seasoned boaters know exactly how to navigate from Piermont to the channel but a marked channel would help those novice boaters or those from other areas!   

TZM wants to promote boating and this would be a way to ease the minds of either novice boaters or those that want to consider it but think the TZB project would hamper their enjoyment. Ive enlisted the help of Nita Lowey, our US Congresswoman from the Rockland area. If you can please call or write her office ( or your Congressperson) about this issue. 

By the way, although I can't publish the depth chart of Piermont Bay yet, it is on Lo Hud, or come to TZM office to view it!  You will notice the the deepest parts of the water come from the Chennel right to Tappan Zee Marina's gas dock AND continues through the North side of the marina where all our larger boats are docked! Mother Nature is on our side! We are thankful for the depth of water at Tappan Zee Marina!

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