Spring & Summer Services


Season: May 15 – October 15

Slip Fees

$68 per ft. *Special pricing for New Customers – Limited Time Offer- Call TZM for info


$950.00 **Price if paid by check

TZM is holding prices stable for the 7th year in a row keeping them at the same as they were since 2008. IF you haven’t visited TZM please call for appointment. TZM want you & your boat to dock at Tappan Zee Marina and enjoy the fabulous location and view. We know you will love TZM and the proximity of the Village of Piermont. Tappan Zee Marina has the lowest pricing in the area and the deepest water in Piermont. The new mapping of Piermont Bay area is complete and can be viewed on TZM's most recent POST on Home Page . Notice that the 5ft depth area of river bottom as it curls around to the north side of Tappan Zee Marina gas dock and into the north side of TZM slip area where the largest boats are docked. 

With this information about the depth of the water on the new map and knowing that TZM is offerning a discount so good that we can't publish it here, it is time for you to call for an appointment. In order to receive this fantastic offer,  have done your shopping already, make appointment with a TZM staff member, be ready to make a decision and have your payment method in hand.  TZM wants YOU as their customer now and in the future.  Once you disembark, you can travel either to NYC to see the sites or carefully to the north of the TZB. Remember once you and your friends and/or family are out in the river, past the TZB you will remember how it feels to be out there in the fresh air and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

To order services, complete the TZM Sprintg/Summer Services request Form, print then mail or email to the TZM office with your existing contract and the slip or mooring deposit.

The form is to be used in conjunction with a current contract.  

New customers please click the "Contract Form" menu to view and print contract form. 

Call Tappan Zee Marina at 845-359-5522 for more information.


 View Spring Services Form Download Spring Services Form PDF File

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