TZ Bridge Boating

Safe Passage Channel Markers – Installation is awaiting USCG approval

For over a year TZM owners have been asking for a lit channel from the shoreline to the main channel of the Hudson Bridge which would provide a safe passage for all boaters arriving or leaving from the Piermont area. Last week the Brian Coneybeare, of TZB Constructors, held a meeting showing the new map of the Piermont Bay Area. He has announced that the intention is to place the markers as soon as the Coast Guard approves of the action.  TZM wants you to know when the Coast Guard approves and the placement of the buoy marker channel is imminent we will notify you via website information. TZM was told by Brian Coneybeare of TZB Constructors the process could begin within 2-3 weeks, tKeep referring to for further information.