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Piermont Channel Markers Installed

The Channel markers were installed last week by the U.S. Coast Guard. The consistent efforts by Tappan Zee Marina together with TZ Contructors and Ms. Lowey got the job done for 2014 boating seaon. If you want to know more read below:

In March of 2013, The Tappan Zee Constructors called a meeting of all organizations and businesses that will be affected by the construction of the New Tappan Zee Bridge. Present were all area politicians, marine patrol members, coast guard, coast guard auxilliary, pilots association, marina owners, yatch clubs and trade associations.  Unfortunately, the tragic death of 2 boaters prompted this urgent meeting. The primary focus of the meeting was to gain input concerning the navigation safety issues that arise from such a construction project. The owner of Tappan Zee Marina,  recommended the installation of  a lit channel marker so boaters could find their way to and from the main channel easily.

By April 2014 there had been no announcememnt of progress concerning this recquest. Since the opening of the boating season was around the corner,  Ms. Schneider again called Congresswoman Nita Lowey officeand  asked for help. Within one day, Mr. Conneybeare, liason to Governor Cuomo and TZB Constructors LLC, called.  He immediately moved one of the marine survey boats to the Piermont area for measurements.

Included is a copy of the marine surveyer  map of the "Piermont Bay " area.  Due to the construction of the new bridge, the channel that is used to go north along the westshore is prohibited during construction. When it is high tide boaters have no problem navigating out to the main channel and seasoned boaters know about this channel. However with the construction barges in place with many more to come, the new channel will not only allow boaters  to navigate to and from Piermont but also have peace of mind that they will be outside 1000 ft necessary while on their way. In addition to a marked channel, the TZ Constructors  installed work zone markers to visible alert boaters unfamilair with the construction zones to navigate away from the work zone.

In additon the channel will provide an easy way for new boaters and/or transient to navigate to Piermont.  It would encourage more people to come to dock and explore Piermont or   dine at the all new Pier701 water front restaurant.